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We provide information on how to get the best contact numbers for the DVLA, plus how to find information about the organisation. We have numbers direct to all departments with an average DVLA answer time of less than 3 minutes.

A Brief History

Before the DVLA there was the DVLC (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre). The organisation can be traced back to over 40 years ago in a time when the Local Authorities were in control. The DVLA has been through a continued, aggressive rate of change. They have future proofed the department by stopping paper based organisation and aim to become a modern and highly productive business. The DVLA aim to deliver bespoke electronic services to all of its customers.

About the DVLA

The DVLA is the UK agency for all motor enquires, so if you have picked up a form from the post office and need help filling it in, or need to register a car as off the road, then you will need to contact the DVLA. The DVLA phone number uses an extensive IVR: an options menu that will ask you to push a button on your telephone to make a selection. The menu is extensive and can be frustrating to a lot of people, however there is no other way than having to sit, be patient, listen to all the options before finally choosing. If you make a mistake during this section, go straight to jail, don't pass go, don't collect £200...or just start again at the beginning of the options list. DVLAcontactnumbers.com has spent a long time finding the DVLA phone numbers for the relevant departments, offices, and services that the DVLA offer.

Thank you for using DVLA Contact Number. Our feedback from calls made by existing customers has been very positive, with calls being handled promptly and professionally within an average call time of around 3 minutes. If you need to contact the DVLA today then we can help. We have the best DVLA contact numbers, plus other phone numbers on our website.

Thank you for using Dvla Contact Number our feedback from calls made by existing customers has been very positive, with calls being handled promptly, professionally within a average call time of around 3 minutes, we have the best dvla contact number and other phone numbers on our website

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