How Do I Change the Address on My Driving Licence?

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Updating addresses after moving is something most people have to do and changing the address on a driving licence is one of them. After you have moved you should contact the DVLA immediately. 

Remember – failure to report a change of address can result in a fine of up to £1,000.

How to do it

It is vital that a driver notifies the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) when a change of address is made. This includes not only permanent moves but temporary ones as well. For example, if a driver is going to university and is to live on campus or away from the home address, the address on the driving licence needs to be changed. 

Application to change the address of a driving licence can be made by post or online. 

– Applying online requires the applicant to go to the DVLA’s website and navigate to the correct page. Applying requires a Government Gateway User ID; if the applicant does not have one, then it is a simple matter of registering for one. This allows the applicant to log on to the site and complete the application. Applicants will also need their driving licence and addresses at which they have lived for the past 3 years. The applicant must be a Great Britain resident and not be banned from driving. 

– By post has different processes for those with the latest form of photocard licence and the older paper type. For those who have a photocard licence it is a matter of completing the ‘changes’ section on the letter – titled D741 – that came with the photocard licence. If the letter is lost, another can be obtained by going online and ordering a licence application form. This is in two versions named D1 for cars and motorcycles and D2 for lorries or buses. 

Paper Licence

For paper licence holders a D1 of D2 document has to be completed and sent together with the original licence, a passport photograph and original documents that prove identity; these are a current, valid passport; an EU or EEA Identity Card; or, in the case of foreign nationals, a Biometric Residence Permit. For those who hold a modern biometric passport (with photo and the signature on the same page) only the nine digit passport number needs to be sent. 

There are other documents that can be used as proof of identity; for example pensioners can submit a bank or building society statement with the National Insurance and pension payment numbers or a document confirming that the applicant is eligible for a state pension.  

Paper Drivers Licence

Because the new licence will be a photocard type paper licence applicants will need to submit an up to date passport-style photograph properly verified.

As with online applications, those applying by post will need to be Great Britain residents and not be banned from driving. 

What Happens After Application

Those who apply online should receive an email confirming receipt of the application and a new licence should arrive within a week. 

With postal applications the new licence should arrive within 3 weeks.

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