Many people still refer to the DVLA department responsible for driving tests, MOTs, certifications and safety standards as the DSA. This isn’t surprising as the DSA was firmly in place up until the end of March 2014, when it became the DVSA. Merger with the VOSA has resulted in today’s DVSA – more information about the change can be found on the official government website’s press release about it from 2013 here.

The DSA was commonly the place to contact when booking a driving test (theory or practical), raising queries regarding driver certification, making alterations to existing driver examination dates & times and finding all your need to know and more about MOTs.

What was the DSA?

Stringent monitoring of driver and vehicle standards plus the promotion of road safety were the main objects of the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) which was then known as an executive arm of the Department for Transport. In addition to upholding the quality of driver training, the DSA also took care of the administration regarding all theory and practical test elements. During its operational years the DSA employed approximately 1,700 members of staff including with additional 728 administrative workers and managers. Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive overview of what the organisation was responsible for here.

Nowadays it is the DVSA you will need to contact if enquiring about any of the above points. For your convenience we has listed an at-a-glance Q & A guide to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is the pass rate needed on a driving theory test?

The theory test pass rate requires a minimum of 43 questions out of 50 to be answered correctly.

Can you tell me more about the ‘hazard perception test’?

There are two parts the driver theory test, one is a multiple choice section and the other is known as a ‘hazard perception test’. As the name suggests, this part ensure that new drivers can clearly identify and handle potentially dangerous driving conditions. You can take a free online hazard perception test here.

How long after the theory test do I have the take my practical exam?

There is no set time, however the practical element must be completed within 3 years following the theory test.

Contacting the DSA

The DVSA can now answer any queries you may have previously wanted to raise with the DSA. There are a number of ways in which you can contact the DVSA, as follows:

The DVSA Booking Support  – helplines are open from 8am until 4pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively you can email your enquiries at any time via the DVLA main website here.