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Since 1967, the DVLA (and, in its past incarnation as the DVLC) has held its head offices in Swansea, with the majority of the agency’s workforce being held at this Wales HQ. While the power has laid at the DVLA Swansea complex, there have been some changes in recent times that have meant that this power has been consolidated considerably.

DVLA Swansea contact number 0843 504 0598

As it is the only official DVLA office in the country, the Swansea head office is responsible for dealing with almost every aspect of the organisation – from applications through to ongoing administration and complaints. Whether you are getting in touch with them due to a blue badge application, because of a penalty or due to a request for a SORN, all the of the necessary work is done at DVLA Swansea.

This also extends to the fact that the vast majority of their call centres staff are based in the complex, too. There have been rumours that there are other locations that are responsible for answering calls to the DVLA helpline, but these have yet to be confirmed. At the moment, it is still expected that anyone phong the agency will be directed through to their Swansea HQ in order to have their questions answered.

DVLA Swansea addresses

Although the entire agency is now based in Swansea, there are different parts of the DVLA complex – and putting the correct address on any written correspondence can massively help make sure that the matter is dealt with quickly and efficiently. However, many people have reported that simply by putting the department that you need to get in touch with, followed by DVLA SWANSEA and the postcode S99, any letter should reach its intended target.

DVLA SwanseaDriving Licence Enquiries
SA99 1BU

Vehicle Registration and Tax Enquiries
SA99 1AR

Drivers Medical Enquiries
SA99 1TU

Drivers Customer Services Correspondence Team

DVLA Swansea history

Originally, the DVLA was simply a network of around 200 different regional offices, all interacting with one another and conducted mainly via a London base. This was gradually trimmed as advances in technology (and transport) negated the need for the smaller locations, and by the time that the Swansea head office was finally built in 1967, there were only around 80 regional locations.

Following cuts by the UK government in 2011, it was announced that each of the regional bases would be closed, and their existing workload would be transferred to DVLA Swansea – cutting the overall workforce, but adding to the amount of people employed at head office. More information about this transition can be found in reports from the time. However, regardless of it not stricting having a London base, the DVLA team are still answerable to the Department for Transport, which is located in the capital. There are currently no plans for this structure to be changed, and DVLA Swansea looks to be here to stay.

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Patricia mc connon11new line cootehill. Co Cavan,

February 23, 2015at 4:33 pm

Do hope you can help me,as I tried sending a email,sent you some documents last year,but no reply want to renew my driving licence,as a lady of seventy one I had to have a medical sent everything that I thought you might want ,passport and driving licence numbers and medical report,but for got photo,can you let me know what to do,I live in Ireland now,but if I had to get the ferry over to sort this out I don’t mind?my address is 11 new line cootehill co Cavan,when I got my licence I was living at 28 heaton rd,Peckham se15 London thanking you mrs Patricia mc connon ,

Mr goody

March 2, 2015at 5:50 pm

hello I’ve tried to sorn my car online and it will not allow me to do it why is this the post office. Won’t let me do it and told me to do it online my doc ref number is 443023360107 my reg is Rx04Ayl What else am I to do about this situation ? My phone number is 07749329952 Thankyou Mr r m Goody

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